Monday, September 28, 2009

When we love each other

When we love each other
The world seems to works as always
The buses ran along the streets of our city
Outside of our dreams
The workers continue nailing, matching, raising
The planks and the beams
To build not their own refuges
But places to be happy for a while
When we love each other, my dear
Nothing seems to stop
Nothing wants to hold the trains
The life
The butterflies
The running water
On the four dog square.
But when we love each other
We don’t care about the world
Which perfectly could no longer exist to us
So deeply I am inside you
So perfectly you are in me
If we suddenly hear the roar of the planet
And feel the howls the cries the thunders
Of all the creatures that populate it
We would continue loving each other
As we were beside to the ocean
As we were close to the breath of the death.

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