Sunday, September 27, 2009

When we fight each other

When we fight each other we remain alone in the same room
We remain seatted on a chair close to an abysm
Looking at the clouds passing under our feet
High on our own rage
We deeply fall in an universe which, to the speed of light,
separates us
From the door we just opened yesterday
To spy each other
To know each other
To love each other.
We can´t hold our sights
We flee from our dreams,
From our promises
We fall from each other's arms
And we are for a moment less than nothing…
the freshness of the last morning we saw together
A solitary pole on the high roof where the flag was waving
just the moment before our war began
A shiver down my spine makes me aware of my misery
And I feel my whole life shaking
’Cause, for a moment, it is in us that
the world is the enemy of the world.

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